Gift Packs

A gift basket for every occasion. Select one for yourself or to gift. Customizations possible to suit your requirement. 

Gift Packs

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Classic Chocolate Box- Pink

Price ₹180.00

Chocolate Granola Bar Box

Price ₹260.00

Flavours of India Box- 5...

Price ₹220.00

Small Indulgence- 4 Chocolate

Price ₹130.00

Healthy Bag

Price ₹500.00

Floral Indulgence- 12...

Price ₹600.00

Floral Indulgence-9 Chocolates

Price ₹450.00

Soulful Box- 25 Chocolates

Price ₹1,050.00

Sliding Box-16 chocolates

Price ₹850.00

Red Indulgence Box-...

Price ₹800.00

Temptation Truffle Box-...

Price ₹250.00

Garden Pearl Chocolate box

Price ₹750.00